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June 2nd & 3rd 2017

Longview, Texas


T-Bone Walker Music Festival is a Non-Profit Organization

The T-Bone Walker Blues Fest, Inc is an IRS-designated Section 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. The Corporation is dedicated to honoring the legacy of blues legend Aaron "T-Bone" Walker by:

  • Show-casing present-day blues musicians;
  • Promoting a strong future for 'The Blues' genre; and
  • Providing assistance to community 501 (c) 3 organizations engaged in blues music education and youth music education  and music therapy.

A Celebration of The Blues!

The festival is a celebration of "The Blues" that brings music lovers together in the Northeast Texas birthplace of musical giants. The festival is sanctioned by the Estate of T-Bone Walker and is hosted by his daughter, Bernita Walker.

Proceeds from Music Festival Benefit CommunityProceeds of the Festival are reinvested in the Longview and regional community

Proceeds generated by the festival will be reinvested in Longview and the regional community through Blues in Schools educational events, donation of guitars and workshops to youths who are interested in music and unable to afford instruments, and donations for youth music-therapy programs.

Creating Opportunities for our Youth

Of particular importance is creating opportunities to expose our youth to this American art form of The Blues.  The festival has presented The Blue Shoe Project to the Linden Elementary School, Junior High School, and Linden-Kildare High School.  The program was also presented to the  Jefferson Elementary School and Atlanta Middle School. Michael Dyson, aka Mr. Blue Shoes, with father Jeff, founded The Blue Shoe Project.

The Blue Shoe Project is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity whose mission is to introduce children to the history, evolution and global impact of Blues music by combining live music performances with oral history to captivate, educate and inspire students about music, learning and America's cultural heritage. Over  121,000 children have been inspired by The Blue Shoe Project since 2004.

The festival will showcase youth bands this coming year; the T-Bone Walker Junior Showcase will be held again.  Youth bands allow our youth to see that age is not a limiting factor in being a success, and that development of music skills starts when you are young.  As we get closer to the festival, the names of the bands will be posted.


Bring your kids out to hear some great music on June 3 – 4, 2016 at the 11th annual T-Bone!


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