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June 2nd & 3rd 2017

Longview, Texas

Dr O & The GIP Blues Band

Dr O live

Dr. O known as the Lead Player of the Dr. O & The GIP Blues Band is a local talent now serving East Texas. Under his tenure is his older brother, Joe Edward Gipson, AKA "Two Finger Joe." His friend and is often referred to as "brother" is David "The Hawk" Hawkins on rythym. Marcus Gipson, AKA "Baby Gip" Dr. O's nephew and drummer. The GIP is short for Gipson, but it also means, "God Inspired Perfection." Music has been the inspiration in the Gipson family, now for several generations. Passed down from Dr. O's grandfather and so on..with talents playing the blues both male and females.

Dr. O's father, James Edward Gipson, AKA, "West Dallas Slim" taught all of his sons how to play various instruments, he also took them to their first performances. Along the way, they have performed for and with many greats. Just to name a few, Blues Boy Willie, Denise LaSalle, Bobbie "Mercer" Oliver, they even had the honor of opening for the Legendary "BB" King. I am sure I have left out some other great performers, but that doesn't make them any less great.

Dr. O himself is the Lead Guitarist, who is married to his, Manager, Gwendolyn Gipson. He has a unique style of playing that is very difficult to copy and often mezmerizes his audiences with it. Dr. O started out playing in the Dallas area clubs with his father and his brothers. They called themselves the "GIP Band." They have played live on television out of the state of Oklahoma. Following and listening to Dr. O is like "opening a new gift at every performance." (Bobby Oliver Mercer). Dr. O never tires of the music, he is constantly creating new sounds, he keep sounds of music in his head. Put an instrument in his hands he will play it, and play it well. Stevie Ray Vaughn is at the top of his inspiration list next to his father. Being the youngest of four sons, he had to wait to show the world what he has. His lightning speed and versatility says it all. A night with Dr. O will be a night filled with his magic.

Also know that there is more to Dr. O than anyone will ever know.

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