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June 2nd & 3rd 2017

Longview, Texas

Texas Flood

TEXAS FLOOD is the premier Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band in the nation. Evolving from the original tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan,Texas Flood (formerly Voodoo Blue) Texas Flood pays tribute to the legends as well as the future of the blues through their own music and style. With an in-your-face show and raw high energy playing, Tommy Katona takes the listener on a journey through the blues.

Tommy Katona (Tamas Katona), born August 15th 1984, was raised in Pecs, Hungary. At the early age of four, the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan became one of his biggest musical influences. Tommy's father, Tamas Katona Sr., is also a great blues guitarist. When Tommy saw his father performing live, it inspired him to pursue music as his path in life. At the age of nine Tommy started playing with his dad's band and was regarded as a child prodigy. In the mid 90's, he had numerous successful shows, as well as TV and radio performances in Hungary. As he was growing up, Tommy's infatuation with playing the blues developed. One day, Tommy's dad told him about the sudden and tragic passing of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tommy then decided to learn more about Stevie's music and life so that he could follow in his footsteps. During this time he was also studying the music of the old great blues musicians. His inspirations were: T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins, BB King, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Freddie King, Jimi Hendrix and, last , but not least his father Tamas Sr. Even though Tommy spent over four years in music school learning to read and write music, he always learns and composes by ear.

Texas FloodWith Tommy Katona on guitar, Steve Buckner on bass and Travis Montoya on drums, TEXAS FLOOD delivers performance of raw high energy music and unforgettable stage presence. TEXAS FLOOD has had the privilege of traveling all over the country with their tribute act. It is not only a show, but a recreated experience of one of the greatest blues guitarist of all time. TEXAS FLOOD's performance is their loving tribute to the life and music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. TEXAS FLOOD also pays tribute to Stevie's influential blues legends as well as the future of the blues through TEXAS FLOOD's own music and style.
The T-Bone Walker Blues Fest is proud to have this great group of musicians join us in honoring T-Bone Walker for the second year.


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